Embrace AI with confidence

AI is too little deployed in business.

Yes, large language models (LLMs) have marked a turning point in the history of AI. And ChatGPT is its icon. Their capabilities are staggering and remain unexplained by the very creators of these generative AIs.

However, beyond the enthusiasm of novelty, the real use cases where AI manages to significantly help businesses remain quite few.

The vast majority of AI projects end up in the trash and are not put into production (90% according to a McKinsey study). And when they are deployed in production, nearly half of the AI models are ultimately removed according to another study.

Ultimately, 60% of AI investments concern Trustworthy AI tasks… (Ernst & Young 2021 study)

Have you ever thought that « your teams no longer trust AI »?

We identify 4 major problems

Why such reluctance from companies to use AI with Confidence?

We identify 4 main problems, which are as many barriers to the deployment of AI models:

  • The opacity of models hinders adoption. Take the example of credit scoring models: which client would trust a bank unable to justify its decision on their application? What salesperson would want to use a tool they don’t understand and can’t explain to their clients?
  • Models can discriminate, exhibit biases. Without explanation, suspicions of discrimination cannot be dispelled. Nor can automated decisions not aligned with the company’s values. Ethics cannot be questionable.
  • AI is less robust than traditional approaches. AI models are often too vulnerable to attacks and noise. Their performance deteriorates over time (data drift).
  • For high-risk use cases (according to current AI standards), compliance with upcoming regulations is not assured!

AI-vidence restores your confidence in AI!

These barriers of current AI are reasons not to trust.

At AI-vidence, we develop solutions to restore this trust in AI. See our solutions.

Our solutions help overcome these barriers and, as a bonus, provide a better understanding of the phenomena related to your activity.

In addition to addressing the previously raised issues, AI-vidence allows you to understand what the model has learned. Train a model on a dataset, and our solution will reveal the underlying customer segmentation learned by this model, or the factors explaining the sales of your products, or even the early signs of equipment failure.