AntakIA, our open-source solution for AI explainability

The open-source Python library of AI-vidence

AntakIA is our Python library that offers a first level of regional AI explainability, open-source.

AntakIA runs in a Jupyter notebook or equivalent.

You can install it via pip install antakia and use it with one of the provided notebooks.

The code for AntakIA is hosted on our Github. In February, this repository will be open, and you can support our open-source initiative by starring our repo! ⭐️ In the meantime, you can test AntakIA online on our Jupyter Hub. Log in with the username demo (or demo1, demo2, demo3, demo4, or demo5) and the password antakia. The documentation for using AntakIA is accessible via the Github repository or through this link.

A comprehensive library to explore our solutions.

AntakIA is a Python library that supports all stages of our regional approach:

  1. Simultaneous « dyadic » exploration of the value spaces and explanations of your model to be explained.
  2. Automatic recommendation of dyadic segmentation (regions that are homogeneous in both spaces) or manual selection.
  3. For each region, expression of the selection made by the input or explained variables (cf. « Skope rules »).
  4. Possibility to refine the definition of regions for each attribute (cf. « flows »).
  5. For each region, proposal of a substitution model (surrogate) from a library.
  6. Performance tests, continuity, and exhaustiveness of the final model.

Why is it called AntakIA 🤔?

Our regional explanation approach first aims to decompose a complicated problem into simpler elements. We thus divide the space of possible values into regions and then substitute the original model with simpler models within those regions.

Illustratively, like with a mosaic, we break down the space into different parcels, where we place our tiles. It is this allegory of the mosaic that made us think of the ancient city of Antioch, renowned for its Roman mosaics. Today, Antioch is in Turkey, and is called Antakya, which we write as AntakIA, with an IA 🙂

Note that AntakIA is also the acronym for: A New Tool To Acquire Knowledge from AI.

A Roman mosaic in Antioch